Flourishing Life School of Tai Chi Chuan Stories*

The Child and the Gold Finch

The day is sunny and the child alone

In the backyard a yellow gold finch is perched on a fence post singing

The child walks up to the bird and gently cups it in his hands

The bird sings the child smiles and flies away

Leaving behind this poem

My Teacher

I found him to be kind, happy and gentle, and in possession of an exceptionally lively and powerful energy. His joined hands techniques were extremely subtle and very refined. His depth of experience was extraordinary.

Like all good teachers he became a cornerstone in my life.

Tai Chi Chuan Roots



What was the Master like?

It’s such a long time ago. Let me think.

Remember that what I tell you may only be what I think I remember!

Through his training he guided me toward the central idea of mind, body and energy moving in harmony as one. These elements combined into the Grand Design of Tai Chi Chuan were to be the stage for our teacher and student friendship.

Over time I began to realize that a student’s energy becomes a mirror of their teacher’s energy and teachers continue to learn from this reflection of their students. It is in the nature of the moment. It was part of the shaping and refining of my understanding of the experience.

There was just the two of us flowing together like water around the rocks in a stream never breaking up the pattern of these movements. I began to see shape and movement joining together creating extrinsic beauty and intrinsic energy. This was my window into the world of the Supreme Ultimate.

The first realization for any student is to see this in their world around them searching for connection and nurturing this root wherever they find it.  The process took a while. I didn’t find anything extraordinary but I wasn’t supposed to either. Yet I was required to come back with something and I did.

What was it?

I can’t put it into words but I can show you. I discovered that the lesson is in the experience. Perhaps I just came back as me! That’s all.

Returning Home

After a long absence from my teacher I half expected him to say what took me so long to come back home but he didn’t.

In truth as long I practiced Tai Chi Chuan my teacher had never left my side. He looked at me with a smile.

With a wave of the hand he said, “Be here at 6:30 Friday!”

New Beginnings

Teacher was sitting on his couch in slippers reading a newspaper. I came in we greeted each other and he disappeared behind his newspaper again. I guessed that meant find something to do like practice what I thought I remembered. I had this strange sensation that he could watch me through the newspaper. I would realize later his heightened awareness was sensing my motions as I moved.

I would finish sit down and wait. After a while he would lay his paper down and put on his running shoes. Walking to the center of the room Teacher would motion me to join him.

…to be continued…