A nostalgic look at different aspects of running in poetic form.

Once Upon A Time

It’s left to statues

To stand in for the moments of beating hearts

And graves for heroes where dreams once stood

We search for that place

Where their spiked feet touched the ground

And find nothing

Two men cast in bronze racing side by side

Stand still on a different street corner

Watching time disappear down the road

Running History

The clamor of weapons against shields

Charging across ancient blood soaked battlefields

Into the dog-eared footnotes of History

Shed of arms and shield to embrace the Olympic spirit

For all who want to celebrate peace rather than war

An Old Marathoner’s Advice

The marathon is not something to beat

But to play with and change the shape of

Until it becomes a part of you

And you a part of it

Nice thoughts

See running as an exploration of the world around you

Each journey outward allows the runner to return with an inward discovery

Each run is a living poem of sights and sounds

if you take the time to listen and watch and learn

A sea shell

A feather

The song of a bird

A passing runner’s hello

A cloud

A drop of rain

And the sunshine as thoughts to cherish

The Coach’s Reward

The look of joy on their faces

The happiness in their voices

The courage shown in the challenges they willingly accept

The devotion to a promise they make to themselves to try

The dreams that become their own to keep forever

The rewards are endless

Mental Image

The bits and pieces of every workout put together into the perfect run

It will be a moment that will stay with you the rest of your life

Looking into the rear view mirror of memories

That moment will let you catch sight of it

And make you smile

This moment can’t be lost or won

It can only be discovered

As the gift of experience

Like a butterfly landing on the tip your nose

Making you go cross-eyed.