Journals of Strangeday*

Painting by Salvador Dali, The Persistence of Memory, 1931
Hold on to your hats!  and Salvador Dali move over!  The author writes from real life events that are reported in the local newspapers and weaves them in to thought-provoking and sometimes mind-bending prose.  And as an old TV police series used to quip,” the names and places are changed to protect the innocent.”


Strangeday Journals

Jan. 10, 2014 CE-Jan. 30, 2014 CE

Outpost: Vancouver

Itza Strangeday here back from Christmas holidays with a New Year’s headache the size of the Great Divide that almost made me give up thinking

But all joking aside what would make the Doctor of Flash Paper Prose want to examine of the entrails of the Vancouver Core like an ancient soothsayer looking for a tomorrow with signs of life

Because it’s a place where the moment uses the ashes of today to bury yesterday because like all places this place is on the move in its own battle of the dreams

This is the doctor’s micro sized view through the lens of a mass media stream of consciousness built into the very fabric of our existence so embedded as to all but disappear from view except for momentary lapses of visibility from the Grand Editors of Time

And so our story begins well it did a couple of times before but I took time off for summer holidays but this time I didn’t so put on your creative thinking helmets and climb aboard The Strangeday Experience

The New Jersey governor goes ballistic closing down the George Washington Bridge admitting I cannot tell a lie and yes I did think screw you New York but only for a little while and for that I apologize because business is business politics is politics and I know that was a bit theatrical but it got one hell of a response out of the stock exchange making me wonder if a president could really do that

If we dig a hole big enough in the ground up north and call it a dam is that the same thing in one sense yes in another sense no which leaves us scratching our heads in the name of progress asking for a common sense approach

The cost of living for everyone in this version of our make believe West Coast Lotusland is sky rocketing through the ceiling with free space farmed out as a vertical resource stock despite common sense thinking that screams out loud are you insane try finding a place to park for your electric Tuk-tuk

And if you think that’s funny take a look into the future when you’re trying to find a gas station

On the ground everyone owns the taxable user part of an insatiable monolithic transit machine for a pet that thinks of nothing more than playing Catch the Frisbee with bigger tolls and bigger toys for the tax payers to motor around in the Future City of Tomorrow

Along the way is the stop by stop pop up growth of the bf Skinner styled self-contained behavior modifying Walden 2 Smart Communities resembling termite hills dotting the countryside reflecting a reality we can all catch sight of at night and a reflection of ourselves during the day

Over the decades it will reach out from the Metro Mother Core colony by colony like a strawberry plant sending out runners in every direction with the message that all roads lead to Rome

The Interurban trams ran all the way to Chilliwack connecting it to the outside world before the age of freeways reached the place

Getting there faster does not mean speeding it just means paying more through the nose to get there as yet another toll bridge is justified because other countries do it wishing you a good day both ways while you realize how fast the size of your wallet is changing lanes

Living in a land dreaming of taxes does make you question the wisdom of the blind leading the blind in the name of progress to the tune of three blind mice

So we build for tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow chasing a plan that is beyond our means today built on the hope of a better world for our children who are the light at the end of the tunnel on the other hand it could be a freight train

On the upside the good news for all of us is the Mystery of the Mima Mounds has been solved one more time and now we can all ponder the idea that they were created by an ancient race of globe-trotting gophers on weekend WestJet Specials

In Canada knowledge is disappearing as fast as we create it in the war against knowing the government vets libraries of environmentally sensitive knowledge into the dumpsters of ignorance behind the library

Using Doublespeak to defend large data streamlining as necessary for the ongoing economic natural resource expansion fueled by new wave corporate colonial appetites that don’t want any frog and rodent tag teams in the way to argue about the value we place on life

In America it is now legal to kill bears while they are hibernating with their cubs and wire snare wolves and cougars and airplanes and helicopters for the sake of interfering with our food chain or wall art

All of us are becoming strangers walking in a stranger world than before through a carnage of scenes between the pages of the tabloid mirrors looking for specials on campers in the Things for Sale Section.  

…to be continued