Hanging out with the Editor

Our Runner’s Story continues to give us an idea of the relationship between a coach and a runner. It is a story about two sides of the same coin. What is a coach? What is a runner? Why would these two characters take the time to shape each other’s lives into something as ephemeral as a race. What is the inner calling that opens the door to a place that few dare to go?

The Knuckle Duster 3 Miler allows every runner who is following the race to catch their breath, have a chuckle or two, and go wait a minute. Will “Fig” Newton pull off the upset win? Could anyone sound like McNabb? What about rumors of his family on the East coast. How long will Abby Plover of the Pacers hold up in her first road race? Will Josh Burns burn the legs out of everyone? Will the boy selling lemonade ever be the same? What about Benn Hogan the resurging master’s runner? What about Abby “Grandmother” Drayton?

Itza Strangeday makes for quite an interesting character! It makes you wonder what the hell is going on with this world. Perhaps, even to think about it!? Strangeday is a Mass Media surrealistic experiment smack dab in the middle of Leopold Bloom spending a day in the life of Dublin and Willian Carlos Williams spending ten or twelve years in Patterson, New Jersey. How about Strangeday as a free form eye candy like Dali’s soft time watches dripping off trees?

Poetics is just another way to look at what you are doing when you run. I looked it as a gift from the experience of running. Why let anything intrude on such a moment?  Take the Muse out for a run together and see what you come up with. Call it the Muse’s Run.

Strangebits requires exploration as a history lesson for the imagination. On one hand if Andre Breton could imagine a horse galloping on a tomato, if Brandon Wilson was willing to walk nine million footsteps following the name of love, if Lowell Thomas rode with Lawrence in Arabia, if the Great White Shark School of Poetry does exist, if all this is true, what do we do? Go looking. For the adventure of it all if nothing else!

The Flourishing Life School of Tai Chi Chuan is a real place in my heart, as much as in my imagination. This is so with all players who enjoy the art of life that is hidden inside each movement. The words that come from my imagination, have been grown like a well-watered tree rooted to my life, and grounded in my daily practice of Tai Chi Chuan. There is no other way – but, this way.


(*Editor’s Note: I’ve expanded Foot Notes for a more extensive coverage of the province.)